Terrace Oil – Finally available as Diotrol

The proven DiOLiN Terrace oil is now also available as a Diotrol version. The quality, container units, price and colours remain the same - only the label (and the name) is different.

Photo by Shahudan Ibrahim on Unsplash

Diotrol Terrace Oil is a natural oil and care product for hard and soft woods in interior and exterior areas. It is based on renewable raw materials, absorbs quickly into the wood and dries quickly. Diotrol Terrace Oil is also extremely economical and easy to use.

Due to the high binding agent content based on renewable raw materials, Diotrol Terrace Oil has a moisture-regulating effect. This reduces swelling and shrinkage of the wood. The open-pored coating can neither flake off, tear nor flake off.

Diotrol Terrace Oil can be used on all old, unpainted or glazed terraces. It can be used without hesitation on new hard or soft woods and can even be used on exotic woods. Terrace floors, garden furniture, fences, pergolas or wooden decks appear in a new shine.

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