A weatherproof silver shine

A renovatoin with Diotrol Longlife protects a loghome from wind and weather and let its facade glimmer in a silver shine.

The log house in the university town Mannheim (Germany) was renovated in a beautiful silver colour from the house Diotrol. A clever choice, we believe, that delights us. Here's the reason why: The highly covering oil paint Diotrol Longlife from regenerating raw materials of highest quality guarantees a high durability. A high resilience and extreme weather resistance characterize the oil paint in particular.

The product is fungistatically formulated. Threefold protection against UV radiation is an integral part of Diotrol Longlife. UV-blocking pigments and chemical UV absorbers protect the coating and convert the UV rays into infra-red rays. An additional antioxidant prevents premature destruction of the coating. Diotrol Longlife is non-dripping and easy to apply.


Facade: 1x Diotrol Longlife SW-O 24 and 1x Diotrol Longlife SW-O 34

Underside of the roof: 1x Diotrol Longlife NCL 12 White

Entrance: 2x Edelwax UV AW-42


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